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"An investment in
  knowledge always pays
     the best interest."

    - Benjamin Franklin






Tuition Fee Schedule for Bowie Day School

Tuition Per Year

All Students……….… $22,870.00
• Tuition includes: binder notebooks, paper supplies, pens and pencils, and other consumable supplies throughout the school year. 
Tuition does not include calculators, project supplies, school trips or musical instruments.

Additonal Fees
Technology Fee..................$600.00
Activity Fee (Includes: textbooks, transportation for local field trips, workbook fees, art fee & science lab fees)…................ $200.00
Fee Total………...…...$835.00

Tuition and Fee Total………... $23,705.00

Financial Obligation
Contractual Financial Obligation:
All students are accepted for the entire school year. The undersigned agrees that the obligation to pay the tuition and fees for the full academic year is unconditional and that no portion of tuition or fees will be refunded or cancelled for dismissal, voluntary or involuntary withdrawal, absence, or any other reason. After submission to Bowie, this Contract is not subject to withdrawal or cancellation by the undersigned. However, if Bowie  receives from the undersigned written notice, delivered by hand or by certified mail/return receipt on or before Wednesday, May 1 preceding the school year shown above indicating intention not to enroll the child at Bowie for the next school year, then the undersigned shall be released from tuition and fee obligations applicable to the school year except for the nonrefundable deposit. After June 1 preceding the school year shown above the undersigned parent(s)/guardian(s) is obligated for full tuition and fees as specified in the Tuition Payment Schedule.

Payment Plans
Due with the signed Enrollment Contract and Payment Plan is a deposit of $650. The tuition deposit has already been deducted from each plan below.

Plan A: Full Tuition due July 1.
                 Total: $23,055 (This amount does not include the $650 deposit that should be paid with the contract.) without HW room
                 Total: $24,055 (This amount does not include the $650 deposit that should be paid with the contract.) with HW room

Plan B: Semester Payments due July 1 and January 1
                Each payment $11,527.50 without HW room
                Each payment $12,027.50 with HW room

Plan C: 10 Month Plan – July 1-April 1 (Includes: $170 installment fee)
                Each payment is $2,322.50 due the first day of each month without HW room
                Each payment is $2,422.50 due the first day of each month with HW room

The Bowie Center Day School’s mission is to strengthen children academically, emotionally, and socially in an educational environment that fosters love, communication, and support.