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Writing and Grammar Instruction

A number of programs are utilized in helping students develop improved writing skills. Write On! Plus is a word-processing-based series of lessons that addresses both basic writing skills and creative composition. In addition to improving writing skills through the Write On! Plus program, students develop greater proficiency in word-processing. Other non-computer-based writing lessons and activities will be drawn from a number of teacher resources, including the Diana Hadbury King series.   While improvement of basic writing skills is the focus of instruction in writing, students also have opportunities to develop their knowledge and application of the writing process.   To improve the students’ knowledge and application of basic and advanced English grammar, the Winston Grammar program is utilized. The Winston Grammar program is an interactive, multi-sensory approach to teaching basic language skills through which students learn to analyze the functions of words in sentences. In addition to the Winston Grammar program, students may participate in computer-based activities in the Language Skills software series. Additional activities may be developed as needed to address specific difficulties (e.g., punctuation, capitalization, usage), including using the student’s own writing to demonstrate and evaluate learned grammatical concepts.