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    We have a great new

    school year planned.


  See below for the supplies

  needed for this school year.








School Supply List

Supplies may be brought to school starting August 6th from 9-6 Monday-Thursday. When you do bring them in, please have them in a large bag with the student’s name on the bag. DO NOT put the student’s name on any supply except the homework folder. All of our supplies are communal and will be given to any student during the year that has a need. 

New supply list: 

1 box of highlighters
4 packages of WIDE ruled notebook paper
2 packages of 3x5 index cards...not colored...lined on one side
3 boxes of number 2 pencils
grades Kg-6 zipper pouch for pencils
1 box of dry erase markers...mixed colors
5 pocket folders without brads...not plastic
3 binders 1.5 inches
2  one inch binders
2 single subject spirals WIDE ruled paper
1 box of colored pencils or crayons
1 small package of pink or art erasers
2 three pack glue sticks
1 homework folder with student's name on it...must be sturdy, no brads, with or without design on front but should stand out over all other folders (You may send more if you want your student to have one picked out when the first one wears out. Make sure student's name is on all of these that you send.)

* Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-cal, and Calculus students need a TI-83 or higher level calculator with student name on it.
* Geometry students need a protractor and compass set labeled with student name.
* Computer applications students need a USB flash drive with 2GB minimum.