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Bowie Day School

The Bowie Center is very proud of our day school. We are able to serve students who for any reason cannot function in the normal classroom setting. Our goal for these students is to advance them in academics and confidence so they will be able to enroll in a main stream school. While that is our goal, many of our students will always be with us because mainstreaming will not work for them. We also serve students who are advanced academically but thrive in a smaller environment.  Our day school serves students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

Our Program

Most of our teaching is one on one or in groups of two. In addition to our core curriculum classes, we emphasize and work on social skills by offering group art, physical education, foreign language, and music classes. Our foreign language program includes French, Spanish, and Latin. We also use special programs to teach students with specific disabilities in reading and math. In addition, we have found that students who need avenues of expression enjoy our art, theatrical, guitar, drums, piano and voice classes.


The curriculum for each student is designed specifically for that student by the Head of School. We also have development programs for those who are behind in developing foundational skills. We try to keep each student in the grade level curriculum that is age appropriate while adapting the way we teach it to accommodate for the specific learning style needed.


Our teachers are all degreed. Those that teach our special programs are trained in those programs and experienced in teaching them. Our students have a different teacher each hour of the day. After each class period, your child’s teacher sends a session summary to you via email. Sending continuous updates and reports holds us accountable for what we are teaching and allows our parents to know exactly what has been covered during each class.


Our day school group this year consists of 100 students creating a fairly even mixture of all age groups. Our students range in needs from ADHD, anxiety, Autism, Aspergers, and dyslexia. We do not take students who would be poor examples for our younger students. Because we function together like a family, we need good role models in our school.


Our students come Monday through Thursday from 9:00-2:45. Fridays are reserved as make up days for any classes missed during the previous week, for field trips, and for service projects. A homework room is offered for an extra fee every school day from 2:45 to 6:00 so our students can get their homework done before leaving school. This time provides our families with more quality time together in the evenings.



Service Projects

We strongly emphasize serving our community by helping others. Our students have several outreach projects throughout the year in which they become fully involved and hands on with. Over the years, we have bonded with those we have served and continue to stay connected with them.



The Bowie Center Day School’s mission is to strengthen children academically, emotionally, and socially in an educational environment that fosters love, communication, and support.